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We Light Up The Skies

Mood Lighting

Bruce Aerospace LED Experience

Bruce Aerospace Mood Lighting systems employ the latest High Brightness (H.B.) LED technology, providing high level light output which equals or exceeds the light output levels of OEM fluorescent lighting systems. High quality H.B. LED technology has several advantages over lower output, plastic encapsulated LED-based lighting systems:

  1. • Extremely long usable lifespan
  2. • A minimum of 60,000 hours of usage with no color shift or light output degradation
  3. • Close color matching
  4. • High thermal efficiency
  5. • High output and maximum color saturation
  6. • Colored light presentations are not washed out by ambient light during daytime operation

Bruce Aerospace Mood Lighting systems are designed for ease of installation:

  1. • Mood Lighting luminaires mount to OEM fluorescent ceiling and sidewall luminaire attachment points
  2. • Fit with the envelope of the OEM fluorescent luminaires
  3. • Use existing AC power distribution
  4. • Use the same power connectors as the OEM luminaires
STC certified mood lighting systems are available for the following aircraft:

  1. • A320, A330, B747, B767, B777