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We Light The Skies

Cabin Lighting

Bruce Aerospace LED Experience

  1. • B767-300 new LED lighting system; simultaneous issuance of FAA and Transport Canada STCs
  2. • QANTAS B747-400ER* and B747-400 Classic aircraft*
  3. • Condor B757-300 –White
  4. • Lufthansa B737-300 & -500 fleet (White Sidewall)
  5. • Air Transat A330: Full Mood Lighting Systems.
  6. • Germania B737-700 White & Bi-colour**
  7. • Certified to FAA-STC*
  8. • Certified to FAA-STC with EASA Validation**
Bruce Aerospace LED cabin lighting systems employ the latest High Brightness (H.B.) LED technology, providing high level light output which equals or exceeds the light output levels of OEM fluorescent lighting systems. High quality H.B. LED technology provides several distinct advantages over lower output, plastic encapsulated LED-based lighting systems:
  1. • Extremely long usable lifespan
  2. • A minimum of 60,000 hours of usage with no color shift or light output degradation
  3. • Close color matching
  4. • High thermal efficiency
  5. • High output levels
  6. • Bruce LED cabin lighting systems are FAA approved for use in the charging of Photo Luminescent Floor Proximity Emergency Escape Path Marker Systems (PL FPEEPM)
Bruce Aerospace LED cabin lighting systems are offered in monochrome white or bi-color versions. Bi-color LED lighting provides a mood lighting capability without the need of an additional lighting control system. When the cabin lighting is switched to the dim mode of operation the bi-color lighting system transitions to an alternative color. The customer can select from three color temperatures for the primary white lighting presentation (warm white, neutral white, or cool white) and a wide variety of color choices for the secondary lighting channel on bi-color systems including, royal blue, cyan blue, and amber. Bi-color systems can also employ a mixed array of cool white and warm white LED emitters, providing a tunable white temperature lighting system.

All Bruce Aerospace LED cabin lighting systems employ luminaires that have been designed as true drop-in replacements for the existing OEM fluorescent luminaires, greatly simplifying installation:
  1. • The same form factor and attachment points
  2. • The same electrical connectors
  3. • Makes use of existing AC or DC lighting power distribution
  4. • Compatible with existing lighting control signals
STC or PMA certified lighting systems are available for the following aircraft:
  1. • B737, B757
  2. • Airbus A310, A319, A320, A330 (Currently in certification)